Trutankless, Inc. Enters New Phase in Development of Next Generation Products

A Key Product Development Milestone Was Achieved with Entry into Engineering Verification Testing

PHOENIX, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trutankless, Inc. (OTC: TKLS), a manufacturer of the Trutankless brand of electric tankless water heaters has been quietly developing the next generation of tankless water heaters. Management was thrilled with the initial design work completed to date, and Trutankless has entered engineering verification testing.

Entering the engineering verification phase means the product is one step closer to production. Pending the completion of testing, the all-new design is expected to yield several new patents to once again reshape the landscape of the industry. The ground-breaking design employs sophisticated technology including electronics with the latest chipsets, an optimized heating engine utilizing stainless components, and all new state-of-the art control algorithms.

“We have continued to upgrade in-house capabilities in our Scottsdale-based product development lab to assist in this new phase of development,” said Michael Stebbins, CEO, “Trutankless engineers have given consideration to manufacturability at high volumes with more automated production processes which will be centered in North America. The hallmark of Trutankless products has been cutting-edge wireless connectivity, and our next-generation will be no different. We’ve partnered with a major software developer to release a brand new feature-rich app to coincide with the launch of our new products.”

The company aims to debut the newly commercialized products at the upcoming International Builders’ Show hosted in Las Vegas by the National Association of Homebuilders.

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