Trutankless, Inc. Announces Expansion into Multi-Family Sector with Product Line for Smart Homes in the Condo and Apartment Home Market

Company expects additional growth as it brings the IoT to large scale residential, commercial and apartment building with commercial grade water heating systems

PHOENIX, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —┬áTrutankless, Inc. (OTCQB: TKLS), the company known for its best-in-class electric whole home tankless water heaters, recently announced product updates to its light industrial lineup to address trends in the multi-family development sector.

The TC Series positions Trutankless to take advantage of more opportunities in today’s new condo and apartment complexes, which are increasing in both size and sophistication. Developers and management companies are employing the IoT to streamline maintenance and lower the cost of operation making Wi-Fi enabled trutankless an ideal solution. The product’s ability work as part of a building’s automation system makes the company’s products uniquely positioned to displace traditional water heating methods in condos and apartments.

Expensive central boiler systems with inefficient recirculation loops or bulky tank-type systems, which can leak and need to be replaced often, can be eliminated in both new and existing multi-family developments with trutankless. New federal standards for appliances make trutankless a great option for property managers seeking to increase the efficiency of existing structures by upgrading from traditional tank water heaters.

Condo buyers and apartment tenants enjoy lower bills, more usable living space, and endless hot water while developers have more flexibility for efficient design and increase marketable square footage. Meanwhile, property management companies can eliminate the ongoing cost and headache of water heater maintenance and replacement with actionable insight into water and energy usage through the use proprietary smart technology from trutankless.

“We’re expecting the upgrades to our product line, combined with the expansion of our sales force in markets where multi-family developers are most active, will help fuel our continued success,” said Michael Stebbins, President of Trutankless, Inc. He also added, “Trutankless offers a major upgrade over traditional systems and that’s especially true in condo and apartment settings where space is at a premium. We believe this will add to the total addressable market in regions experiencing heavy growth in the multi-family sector.”

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