Bollente Companies, Inc. (BOLC) Tankless Water Heaters Gain Ground in Robust Housing Construction Market

  • About 1,175,000 residential projects were completed in July, according to the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Bollente’s trutankless water heaters are 99 percent efficient and provide hot water all the time
  • The systems can run maintenance-free for 20 years or more, reducing demand on landfills

The U.S. housing construction market remained robust in July 2017. A seasonal adjusted rate of 1,223,000 for building permits was reported for the month, and privately-owned housing starts were adjusted to 1,155,000. There were 1,175,000 housing completions for private residences, according to the United States Census Bureau ( Construction trends of energy efficient, water saving multi-family dwellings in warm climates are fueling the demand for tankless water heaters like the revolutionary trutankless line from Bollente Companies, Inc. (OTC: BOLC). This comes as an estimated 57 percent of traditional U.S. water heaters are close to or have surpassed their expected age of failure.

The trutankless water heater line from Bollente is more compact and efficient than traditional heaters. It takes adherence to U.S. Department of Energy regulations further by eliminating a tank altogether. The agency requires tanks of 55+ gallons to achieve efficiency rates that require expensive heat pumps. The sensors in Bollente’s electric tankless water heaters keep water at a constant temperature. Efficiency is also maintained by solid state electronics and proprietary software.

Homeowners can monitor and control their water heaters remotely, and even manage and be alerted via smartphone. Wireless apps are available to set the system, monitor all parameters, and receive notifications on a phone from anywhere. Custom settings for power help to achieve even better efficiency and performance. trutankless heaters can also be connected to smart grid and home automation systems. In fact, they are 99 percent efficient, providing hot water at all times but using less energy than tank heaters.

The tankless water heaters also have a self-flushing system and can remain maintenance free for 20 years or more. Therefore, the costs of upkeep are low, and one does not have to worry about replacing the system for quite some time. Millions of old water heaters are dumped into landfills each year. The long-lasting systems from Bollente can help reduce the strain on the environment by keeping reliable, efficient tankless water heaters in homes longer, where they serve a functional purpose that people can depend upon over the long term.

The company is serving a housing market concentrated in warmer areas, in a nation where over eight million water headers are sold. This is important from an investment standpoint, in that the vast majority of building starts and permits cited earlier also represent an extremely high concentration in southern and western regions. Not only does the technology satisfy an increasing demand. It offers competitive pricing for a product that offers annual energy expenditures well below technologies such as conventional electric or gas storage and comparable to solar electric-backup systems.

The company’s industry partnerships for the trutankless line are an important growth driver and include the largest national and regional plumbing equipment distributors across the nation, as well as first-time partnerships with leading national service companies like Mr. Rooter.  The international sale of trutankless systems is being managed through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Bollente International, Inc. Outside the U.S., the demand is high in places like Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, where homeowners are seeing the economic value of tankless water heater systems. The result has been significant growth, with total revenue for the last four quarters markedly outpacing total revenue of the previous four quarters.

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